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NextGen Modules: Lessons learned

Two years have passed since the first works on Example42's NextGen modules and this is the occasion to review what has been done, what has worked and what hasn't. A review of the features introduced and how they stand the challenge of time in this quick running Puppet world. A look at the future and its challenges.

Example42 modules are done for fun and profit.
Some are developed for internal usage, other for customers, according to their needs.
Some are complete, other need documentation, features and compatibility fixes.
They are all released under the Apache 2.0 licence on GitHub

Development is therefore mostly job driven: First in, first serve.

Talking about evolution

I recently posted a comment about the evolution of Example42 modules in the Example42 Puppet Modules Google group.
It contains my opinions on how modules should be and how could evolve the new generation of Puppet modules.
I repost it here, as it gives a good overview of my current ideas and the evolution of Example42 modules.
Let's move.
This is not something that I can do alone.
NextGen modules are there, somehow stable, doing their work.

The handy Grail of Modules Standards

Update 20140206. Some of the links and the info on this article may be outdated. For current implementations and discussions refer to . Current namings are here:

What's the feature of Example42 modules that you mostly appreciate?


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