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The [DevOps] Guide To Puppet

An Open Source holistic documentation project on Puppet:
  • A Book, about Puppet, and Puppet Universe.
  • A documented set of Puppet architectures
  • A modular Slides deck.
  • A practical Puppet Universal Reference
The [DevOps] Guide to Puppet Universe and Everything


We believe in Open Source, DevOps culture and knowledge sharing.
We love Puppet and all the technologies that make IT operations smarter.
Martin Alfke - CEO
Alessandro Franceschi - CTO


  • Puppet training and consulting
  • Puppet modules development
  • Puppet WorkShop and KickOff
  • DevOps consulting for management
  • DevOps support for teams
  • Infrastructure automation development

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Open Source

We share ideas, discussions and code also in these places.

Code: GitHub - Puppet Forge

Documentation: Puppet Tutorial

Discussion: Google Group - Google+ - Facebook Page

Presentations: Alessandro - Martin

Open Source


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Martin Alfke
Alessandro Franceschi

Our books

Extending Puppet Extending Puppet
by Alessandro Franceschi
Puppet 4 Essentials Puppet 4 Essentials 2nd edition.
by Felix Frank and Martin Alfke